Getting Hands-On with Avaya Breeze Engagement Designer

I tend to do things the hard way. I have a dishwasher, yet I still wash dishes by hand.   I like to fish, but I have no desire to own an electronic fish finder. I make my pizza dough from scratch. I’ve self-published a few books over the years and despite the availability of highly sophisticated desktop publishing software, I brute forced my way through page layout and formatting.

That’s not to say that I am not open to being persuaded to take the easy way, but you would have to prove its value across multiple fronts. I won’t trade quality for cost. Neither will I give up less tangible attributes such as self-fulfillment and personal growth. If easy seriously detracts from the holistic experience, you can count me out.

In my most recent article for No Jitter, I write about my recent experience at the Avaya Breeze Engagement Designer Boot Camp.  It convinced me that easy can also be powerful, scalable, and highly effective.

Getting Hands-On with Avaya Breeze Engagement Designer

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