AudioCodes Tackles Simpler Session Management

As a writer about all things communications, I love the fact that there is always a new subject to explore. Manufacturers are either updating existing products or unveiling something completely new and different. Technology is constantly evolving and change is coming at us at a feverish pitch. On top of that, there are so many different aspects to the underpinnings of unified communications that I could tackle a different concept or protocol every single day and never run out of things to say. The downside is that all this material makes it impossible to be an expert in practically anything, but I am humble enough to admit my shortcomings. I know what I know and fake my way through the rest.

In Taming the Dial Plan Spaghetti Monster, I gave you 1000+ words on dial plans, E.164 numbering, and session management. While I was pleased with what I came up with, I knew that I was only scratching the surface. It would have been easy to come up with thousands of words on each of those topics and still have more to say.

It’s Enterprise Connect week and I am out in Florida for two speaking spots as well as lots of learning, networking, and plain old schmoozing.  However, I still managed to come up with what I hope is a fun and educational article for No Jitter.

AudioCodes Tackles Simpler Session Management

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