Survivability and Avaya Media Gateways

Writing these technical articles serves two purposes. First, I love having the opportunity to play unified communications professor. I have been in this industry for a long time and I truly enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about telephony, SIP, WebRTC, and VoIP in general.

Second, I find that I don’t really understand something until I am forced to explain it to someone else. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started writing an article, got stumped about how to say something, did some research, and found that what I thought I knew was either inaccurate or not complete. So, as much as I hope that I am helping my readers, I am helping myself just as much.

In my latest article for Avaya Connected, I explore Avaya H.248 gateway survivability.  In the process of teaching, I learned a few things myself.

Survivability and Avaya Media Gateways



  1. Hi, I am following you articles and its really informative.
    In this article is there any technical doc of Avaya “A single G650 can support multiple IPSIs for redundancy purposes.” As multiple PNs and activ/standby IPSI been configured but didn’t find any ref doc on two IPSI in same gateway.

    1. You cannot have two IPSIs in the same G650. You can, however, have multiple IPSIs in the same port network.

  2. Sir, Thanks a lot for your kind reply

  3. Emily Thomas · · Reply

    Hi Andrew,
    I am trying to understand the differing features of LSP and ESS, so that we can make the correct choice for our business. Are you able to help?

    1. Do you have G650s? Theses days, the differences are few, but you still need ESS for 650s.

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