It Takes More Than SIP to Get the Job Done

As a Minnesotan on the cusp of another long and cold winter, March feels like a lifetime away. While I have the holidays to lift my spirits here in the month of December, January and February are nothing more than snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures.   It gets so bad that there will come a time when 33 degrees Fahrenheit feels like a warm, tropical day. Call me crazy, but after a month of -22 degrees in the sun, I call anything above freezing sweater weather.

Besides the start of the spring thaw, what’s so special about March? Enterprise Connect 2016 in sunny Orlando, Florida, of course. Not only will I get a break from winter’s icy grip, but I have been asked to host the very popular tutorial, Understanding and Leveraging SIP for Your Enterprise. For an hour and 45 minutes, I will be talking about everything from INVITE requests to SIP trunks to the differences between SIP and WebRTC.   While some material will undoubtedly be on the geeky side, it’s my intent to both educate and entertain without losing too many people in the process. I want folks to understand the technical aspects of SIP along with the reasons why it’s important and how it can be successfully implemented.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I write about some of the sister protocols that work hand-in-hand with SIP.

It Takes More Than SIP to Get the Job Done


  1. I’m with a new company now Andrew. Hope to see you in Orlando and catch up! – Melissa

    1. Great! I’ll be there!

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