The Avaya Engagement Call Control Snap-In

Not only do I write for No Jitter, but I am also an avid reader of all its articles. While I enjoy nearly every topic my fellow writers explore, I am especially intrigued by those that address programming and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). That’s not surprising, though, since most of my professional life was spent writing software for the company formerly known as Nortel. I began with Intel 8085 Assembler Language and spent the last several years writing object oriented Java applications.

So, it’s natural that I was thrilled to see Beth Schultz’s recent article on Cisco’s approach to APIs (Adopting an API Attitude at Cisco) and their shift from product team centric to developer centric. I have struggled with poorly designed APIs and was happy to learn that Cisco has put a new focus on how their APIs are designed, documented, delivered, and ultimately supported. I know firsthand how that kind of attention to detail can simplify even the most complex software development projects.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I write about the Avaya Engagement Call Control Snap-In and how like Cisco, Avaya understands the importance of opening up their platform to developers and third-party innovations.  Unlike my previous article about ECC for Avaya Connected, this one is a little less nerdy and easier for non programmers to digest.

An Introduction to Avaya Engagement Call Control Web Services


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