Learning to Work With Avaya Aura Session Manager Adaptations

The problem with standards is that they rarely are. Despite the fact that SIP has been around since the 1990’s, is fairly well documented, and exists inside solutions from a variety of providers, there are still far too many situations where one vendor’s SIP has trouble speaking with another vendor’s SIP. Solution X might use the History-Info header when Solution Y is looking for the data in the Diversion header. Company A might love to use multipart MIME in their SIP message bodies and that causes Company B’s soft phone to go belly up.

In addition to these protocol mismatches, there are times when you need to reach into a SIP message and change the data. For instance, there may be instances where you need to change the domain in the FROM to something other than what the SIP client set it to.

In my latest article for Avaya Connected, I keep my promise of adding more meat to the discussion I began with An Avaya Session Manager Cookbook.  In this latest installment, I take you a bit deeper into Session Manager Adaptations.

Learning to Work With Avaya Aura Session Manager Adaptations



One comment

  1. Thanks for such a great information!

    We have scenario wherein invite from Avaya SM shows p-asserted-identity,from and contact headers showing xyz.com domain and I want to change it to (SM100 IP) in all three headers.

    Any suggestion on setting up adaptation would be very helpful for me.

    I tried setting up fromto=true, osrcd= for this purpose, but it did not work.
    and my domain still shows up as xyz.com in p-asserted-identity and from headers.

    Contact header shows CM IP .. how to change this would be another issue.

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