Tango Networks and the App-less App

Some of you may remember my article, When the Session Border Controller Became the Toaster. While a bit of what I wrote was tongue in cheek, I was serious when I said, “I want SBC manufacturers to impress me with more than how many sessions they support.” It’s too easy for today’s cutting edge technology to become tomorrow’s commodity, or as I put it so lovingly in my article, tomorrow’s toaster.

My article spurred companies such as AudioCodes to take on my challenge and tell the world how their SBCs aren’t toasters. They had fun with what I consider a very serious subject and when all the dust had settled, I learned about the innovations AudioCodes and the other SBC vendors were rolling out or had planned for future releases.

My love of session border controllers (yes, I am a card carrying geek) and ferreting out who is doing what led me to the virtual doorstep of Tango Networks. Founded in 2005, Tango Networks is a company that has put a lot of emphasis on enterprise mobility and business continuity. With a broad scope of products and solutions, their sweet spot is bridging the gap between service providers and enterprises.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I introduce you to the clever things that Tango Networks is doing with mobility and enterprise communications.

Tango Networks and the App-less App

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