Toll-Free Text: Let Your Thumbs do the Talking

Technology is a lot like the music business. You can be on top of the charts one day and completely irrelevant the next. The public is very fickle and you either change with the times or risk falling into the dustbins of yesterday’s news.

How many of you have sons or daughters between the ages of 14 and 30? If you do, you know that you don’t call them on their cell phones. You text them. In fact, I would venture to guess that voice is the least used feature on a 20-something’s iPhone or Android device. And don’t get me started on voice mail. I can’t recall the last time any of my three boys ever bothered to listen to the messages I left for them. The best I will get is a text that reads, “Why did you call?” If I am lucky, one of them might put a smiley face at the end, but it doesn’t get any better than that.

In my latest article for Avaya Connected, I explore the new world of toll-free text and how it can be used to extend a company’s customer service reach as well as its corporate branding.

Toll-Free Text: Let Your Customer’s Thumbs do the Talking

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