A Developer’s Introduction to Avaya Engagement Call Control (ECC)

I need to start by telling you that I am a Java programmer. Having experienced quite a few computer languages over the years, I started writing in Java fairly exclusively in the late 1990’s. I love the elegance, power, and flexibility of Java. It ran circles around other object oriented languages such as C++ and made my life as a software designer much easier.

However, I recognize that Java isn’t for everyone or for every circumstance. While it’s not necessarily a difficult language to learn, it requires a particular way of thinking. You can’t write Java code the way you may have written software in other languages – object oriented or not – and I understand why some people get frustrated with Java and turn to other languages for their development projects.

In my latest article for the Avaya Connected Blogs, I introduce you to a new and exciting Engagement Development Platform Snap-in that gives programmers choices in how to develop call control applications.

A Developer’s Introduction to Avaya Engagement Call Control (ECC)

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