Disruptive Innovations in Unified Communications

Do you remember your first public email account? I remember mine. It was a Yahoo account that I created sometime in the 1990’s. While I had a work email account for a number of years prior to that, it was only used for “professional” emails within my company and to other companies. It wasn’t the kind of thing I would have used to send links to cat videos (even if cat videos existed back then).

Compared to what is available today, those original Yahoo mail accounts were pretty bare bones. Messages were written using basic text and the only bells and whistles that I recall were rudimentary spam filtering and block lists. There was no html or rich text formatting. You couldn’t prioritize emails or set custom stationary backgrounds.   The account was free, though, and despite its simplicity, I was happy with what it could do.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I discuss disruptive innovations and how they apply to unified communications.

Disruptive Innovations in Unified Communications

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