The Sound Science of Audio Codecs

I have never been happy with the answer “because.” No matter what the subject or question, I am not satisfied until I am told the whys, wherefores, and possible exceptions. While I can’t claim to fully understand every explanation I’m provided (I still don’t completely fathom relativity), I want the opportunity to try. I won’t know my limits until they’ve been stretched.

A week ago, my head was completely focused on the International Avaya User’s Group and their annual conference, Converge2015. This year I presented seven breakout sessions that ranged from The Road to SIP to WebRTC for Beginners. Most of the time, I speak on subjects that I come up with on my own, but every so often I am asked to work up a slide deck for a specific topic or collection of topics.

My latest article for No Jitter explores the science behind audio codecs such as G.711 and G.729.  I really enjoyed writing this one and hope you have fun reading it.  It’s geeky, but it’s good geeky.

The Sound Science of Audio Codecs


After this was published, a reader sent me a link to an article that takes the discussion even deeper.

How to Digitize Voice for a VoIP Call

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