Avaya Aura System Manager Web Services

Ask ten IT professionals what excites them about today’s communication technology and you might hear ten different answers. Some folks get all worked up about video and will bore you to tears with their thoughts on H.264 vs. VP8. Others are more interested in voice and get all warm and fuzzy about quality of service and wideband audio codecs (think Opus). The security-focused people pay attention to encryption, topology hiding, and certificates while the bleeding edge types are all about WebRTC and browser-based communications.

Personally, I am thrilled about all of the above and wear my communications propeller beanie with pride. However, there is one recent advancement that doesn’t get nearly the attention that it deserves – web services interfaces. Specifically, I am talking about web services exposed by management systems. Granted, that doesn’t sound as sexy as high definition video or SIP mobility, but these new interfaces open up traditionally closed systems in ways not previously possible.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I take a look at web services and how they are used by the Avaya Aura System Manager.  I even introduce you to PasswordPro, a SaaS application built on those exposed RESTful interfaces.

Customizing Solutions with Web Services


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