The Fine Art of Choosing the Right SBC

I wear many different hats during the day, but the one that pays most of the bills is that of “The SIP Guy.” While I can’t take credit for coming up with SIP (that honor goes to Henning Schulzrinne and Mark Handley), I did start working with it early on and co-developed a SIP stack in the very late 1990’s. Between then and now, I’ve written thousands of lines of Java code for a carrier-grade SIP soft switch and authored four patents on SIP related ideas. Despite the fact that these days I talk about SIP far more than I code it, I make every attempt to stay current and in the thick of things.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I explore the thought process I go through when I help an enterprise choose the SBC that is right for them and their business.

The Art of Choosing the Right SBC

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