Contextual Communications — Ranking Interruptions

Would it be useful to know the subject of a telephone call while your phone is still ringing? Do you require more than a name and a number to decide which call is important and which one is not? Don’t you wish that telephones came equipped with a priority light?

In my latest article for No Jitter, I explore the context of communications.

Contextual Communications — Ranking Interruptions



  1. Hi Andrew .. very interesting article.. while trying to think about its realization after reading.. few thoughts came up to my mind..
    when we enable GPS on our smartphone , we see some context like when we click a picture , the image shows the name of the place at the bottom of the it, so that context of that image (like where it was snapped is shown) . similarly , Facebook sends an alert notification about the name of the places where a smartphone user roams and is physically present at that time (for e.g.; Mr. abc is at star restaurant ..2 mins. ago)..

    So, Can this GPS functionality in some way be utilised to merge with the call when made in real time to show the context (like from which place the call is being made) to the recipient

  2. Thank you!

    What you ask for is certainly possible, but I haven’t heard of any products that do it. Do you write software? If so, this could be your claim to fame. 🙂

  3. Thanks Andrew for motivation.. I wish I could be a strong developer.. but I am into Telecom profile and working in Mobile Engineering and Planning department. but sure , I will try and look for software related to above idea ,if in anyway possible to some extent.

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